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We only use products that meet Australian standards and offer a reliable level of quality.

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Peace of Mind

A security system does not need to be expensive to be effective but it should meet Australian standards, be correctly installed by licensed installers, and most importantly give the owner the results they require.


Stay and Away Modes

Arm all areas of the house or just arm specific zones and be free to move around other areas of the house.



No more long pin-codes. Incorporating a remote keyfob into your system will allow you to arm or disarm your home quickly and conveniently.



Within seconds of your alarm activating highly trained personnel will call your authorised personal contacts for further instructions. Security experts recommend monitoring. We do not insist on expensive binding contracts for monitoring services. Centron relies on the fact that we offer good reliable service which will want you to continue working with us, our service and reputation is our recommendation.


Access control can monitor the people allowed access to a gate or door.

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It comes in various forms:

  • Code pads.

  • Proximity cards.

  • Security systems.

  • Intercom systems.       


Centron offer a full range of Prox card or Coded Entry systems and are supported by various quality manufacturers and suppliers.


Video surveillance is now more affordable than it has ever been in the past, you may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of benefits available for such a small outlay.

Cameras come in various forms but can be easily selected so that the right camera for any installation is readily available.

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Video surveillance is becoming more and more any everyday part of our lives, at home, work & play. It is used to:


  • 1. Record & identify unlawful entry to a private premises.

  • 2. Record & identify inappropriate activities by staff & customers in a business premises.

  • 3. Track & record stock movement & loses.

  • 4. Record for Public liability reasons.


Obligation Free Design & Quote

At Centron we offer a comprehensive range of surveillance system to suit your every need. All systems offered are designed with the end users exact needs & budget in mind. In all instances Centron would visit the site at no cost to offer a free design & quotation. When on site to do a quotation our trained technician would be able to determine what would be the best type of camera & what would be the best location to capture the images you as a client require. Once the camera type & locations are determined a Digital Video Recorder can then be selected that best suits the type of access & viewing you as the customer require. Hard drive sizes can also be determined based on the image quality & duration of archiving required.


Product Available

Centron will only supply products that are tried & tested from reputable manufacturers. All products come with a warranty & technical support.

Cameras are available in:

  • IR format Domes & Bullets (infrared for low light)

  • WDR Dome, Bullets & Full body. (Wide Dynamics for varying light levels)

  • True Day/Night for those poorly lit areas that need good imaging.

  • PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) that can scan & view selected areas via joysticks, DVR controls or remote software on a PC or phone.

  • Mini pin hole cameras for covert installations.

  • Vandal resistant cameras, housings & fittings for the problem areas.

Digital Video recorders are:

  • Available as 4, 8 or 16 input units & can be networked with multiple units.

  • Able to be viewed locally, on an internal IT network, remotely over an internet connection & on a 3G iPhone or android.

  • Able to be set up with independent frame rates for recording.

  • Programmable for Motion detection, Schedule & Continuous recording to maximize storage.

  • Designed to have multiple Hard Drives to tailor archiving/storage time.

  • Able to be set up for off site storage to maximize image archiving security.

  • Multiple user accounts that are password protected.

Today systems are manufactured all over the world & Centron have a wide selection to choose from:

Hikvision. AVTech. Secuguard. Unimo. Bosch. Pelco. LG. Stardot. Pacom. Fermvision. Sony. Samsung. Ness. Eye Protect. Just to name a few decent brands.


A Digital Video Recorder will allow you to automatically record images on a hard drive without using video tapes, you can then burn them to DVD/CD or view them remotely on a network.




System Installation

Installation of all systems is completed by licensed technicians that are employed directly by Centron. These technicians are trained by the manufacturers or their representative in the correct installation & set up procedures of all devices offered. Centron will not leave an installation with poorly installed & set up devices.


System Servicing

With all installations Centron offer a maintenance program that can be simply initiated by the end user, this will ensure that the system is functional when needed. If required Centron can offer a maintenance contract allowing the end user the peace of mind knowing all is working as required.

Specializing in


  • Comprehensive DIY kits for the handyman.

  • Fully installed domestic systems with remote access via 3G, iPhone & internet.

  • High rise residential installations to monitor Lifts, Lobbies & Car parks.

  • Small retail systems to allow shop owners to monitor Staff, Stock & customers on or off site.

  • Larger commercial installations that can have multiple systems networked for local & remote viewing.

  • Retail complexes with multiple systems integrated for remote viewing & off site recording.

  • Integrated wireless IP systems for larger spread out installations such as retirement villages, hospitals and shopping centres.


Make life easier, install a ducted vacuum system today. We can offer a range from DIY (do-it-yourself) kits right through to the professionally designed and insatalled. Remember it is the most effective way to remove dust from your home.

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How The System Works

Ducting pipes running from the power unit, are installed within the walls of your home to strategically located wall or floor mounted inlet points. You simply plug in a length of lightweight hose attached to various cleaning attachments into an inlet point and automatically the power unit switches on and you are ready to vacuum.


Easy To Install

We can offer a full range of systems that are either DIY or fully installed. There are numerous system sizes to suit all needs.

  • Compact, modern and fire retardant ABS plastics construction.

  • Cyclonic systems are bag less and simple to use, no ongoing bag replacement costs.

  • An inlet is on the machine for vacuuming the car.

  • Deluxe tools are standard throughout the range.

  • Powered by either a 2 or 3 stage high quality commercial motor.

  • Australian made with a 2 or 5 year warranty(depending on the model).


Don't open the door to a stranger!

With security becoming a major concern with most householders, it is comforting to know that you don’t have to open the door to an unknown person.

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Centron has a huge range of intercoms from a basic one to one - to a full master system with background music and radio, chimes and privacy. Centrons range of intercoms can suit any need & budget.

  • 1. One to one audio system for the home.

  • 2. One to one colour video systems for the home.

  • 3. Multiple domestic systems for high rise & community developments.

  • 4. Music intercoms with multiple room stations & video integration.

  • 5. Commercial & office situations where external communications are essential when buildings are secure.

All systems offered by Centron have excellent voice quality. Each is capable of releasing doors or gates.

All our systems have high voice quality. Each is capable of releasing doors and opening electric gates. Video intercoms allow you to see who is at the door.


  • Find out who is calling without opening the door and breeching security.

  • Monitor babies or sick children from the convenience of your own room.

  • Call the family to dinner without having to climb stairs, shout or run to the other end of the house.

  • Music intercoms allow you to listen to your favourite music throughout the house while still maintaining all your required intercommunication features.

  • Video intercoms are now priced so everybody can afford one, can you afford not to have that security.


There are many gate systems available today. Let us design the system you need. Remote control, swinging or sliding and can be fitted to either new or existing gates.


We only use and recommend quality European motors due to their proven reliability, they have already made a name for themselves in today's market. You can't afford to have an unreliable automatic gate. We at Centron offer a comprehensive design and construct on any gates required.

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Why an Automatic Gate?
  • If you don't get out of the car to open your garage door then why shouldn't you be able to do the same with a gate.

  • Keep unwanted people from entering your premises with an automatic vehicle gate.

  • Gates can be accessed by remote transmitters, intercoms, code pads & prox readers.

  • Automatics can be fitted to sliding or swinging gates and need not be beyond the budget, there is an operator to suit all needs.


Sliding Gates

Sliding Gate / Conventional or Cantilever System: A system for sliding metal gates which is suitable for both commercial and industrial applications. Cantilever gates are ideal for security, traffic control or where road surfaces are uneven. The roadway is free of track since the gate is supported by rollers which slide in a tubular track fitted to the bottom of the gate. The system is suitable for manual or automatic gates.

Sliding gates are widely used because their linear movement means that they do not require large operating spaces. Their automation requires flexible geared motors able to cope with various sized gates, different intensities of use, changing environmental situations, whilst always guaranteeing maximum conditions of safety, practicality and reliable operation.

The Cross range has been designed bearing these principles in mind, and can today be considered the most careful synthesis of the "state of the art", able to resolve all requirements for private, commercial and industrial use.

Gate Accessories: Accessories for sliding gates include: tracks, wheels with ball bearings, guide wheels, gate stops & hinges.


Download PDF brochure here


Swing Gate

The OBBI geared motor has been designed according to the traditional basic concept of the ring / worm screw reduction gear. Its structure houses a motor, a gear, the worm screw and an unlocking system. The OBBI system is suitable for moving even gates with very small pillars. Voltage: 24 V DC

The operation of the motor causes the rotation of the ring and thus of the worm screw, which is contained in a compact casing made of anodized aluminium, which in turn causes the movement of the gate leaf via the front connection.

The very slim structure of the actuator allows it to be integrated exceptionally well with the gate, and enables it to be assembled very easily.

The geared motor has a considerable stroke and an opening angle of up to 110°.
In the case of power failure, manual operation is always possible by unlocking the gear with a key, or automatic operation if a control panel with batteries is installed.


Download CUBIC PDF brochure here     Download ARC PDF brochure here     Download LUXO PDF brochure here


Boom Gate

Truly innovative shapes and uncompromising safety: these are the credentials of the new DITEC Qik barrier.

Soft edges, rounded corners, high performance and suitability for any type of installation environment. Newly designed and technically advanced, Qik is the ideal solution for a totally safe access control of medium to high transit environments such as hotels, banks, shopping malls, as well as blocks of flats, companies and camp sites, which always require access control of car parking areas, to ensure their use to authorised people only.

Private, commercial or industrial areas increasingly require a means of permitting access and parking to authorized persons only. Today's technology offers various systems, but barriers remain the simplest and most economical solution for preventing unauthorised occupation of reserved spaces. Our product line offers a complete range of models for the problem-free control of different sized openings up to 8m in conditions of absolute safety and reliability.


  • Solutions for passages with net opening widths of up to 8000mm

  • 24V DC motor with built in control panel (top mounted) for easy access



Download PDF brochure here


Rapid roller doors

SMART - Standard Rapid Roll-Up with Interchangeable Section Curtain
Smart has been designed with the aim of developing a door that is highly rational and modular, to ensure easier installation and trouble-free operation on components parts.

A sturdy and compact supporting structure, original DITEC motorisation and components, excellent design and full testing along with curtain modularity; these are the features that make Smart a reliable door, with a very refined appearance but, above all,e easy and quick to fit and practical to service and inspect.


Download PDF brochure here


SECTOR - Counterweight balanced and interchangeable-section, high-speed roll-up door
Sector is the most rational and reliable version among interchangeable-section high-speed roll-up doors.

Rugged, compact and technologically advanced, it is equipped with a modular counterweight balancing system which enables a high standard of use and safety.


Download PDF brochure here


TRAFFIC - High speed fold-up door with modular sections

Sturdy, dependable and modular... the idea solution for medium and large entrances. Fast-moving, functional and reliable doors are what is needed in industrial and commercial contexts. Traffic high-speed fold-up doors are versatile and solid, ensuring long-lasting reliability.


Download PDF brochure here

Cantilever Gate Systems

The Cantilever Gate System is a very effective solution to a gate entrance where a smooth entryway is favored. This sliding gate system does not use a track, but a carriage -based system instead. We provide, install, and service all parts and accessories connected to the Cantilever Gate System.


Automation Accessories

DITEC control, monitoring and safety accessories
Each automation system must be equipped with control, monitoring and safety devices compatible with all the components fitted in the system and with current standards. Ditec supplies top quality products and accessories which meet all requirements.



  • GO L4 - 433 Mhz Remote Controls

  • Xel and Lab - Infrared photocells

  • Xel and Lab - Vertical mountings

  • Xel 22 - Synchronised photocells

  • Xel 5 - Selector switch

  • Lan 7 - Proximity control system with transponder technology

  • Lan 4 - Digital keypad

  • GOL4M - Control keypad

  • Ppc 2 - Self powered portable programmers with LCD

  • Lamp - Flashing light with built in radio aerial

  • Lab 9 - Magnetic loop detector

  • Lan 60 - Token operated control system

  • Sof - Automatically controlled safety edges

  • Av - Cable winder



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