Video surveillance is now more affordable than it has ever been in the past, you may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of benefits available for such a small outlay.

Cameras come in various forms but can be easily selected so that the right camera for any installation is readily available.

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Video surveillance is becoming more and more any everyday part of our lives, at home, work & play. It is used to:


  • 1. Record & identify unlawful entry to a private premises.

  • 2. Record & identify inappropriate activities by staff & customers in a business premises.

  • 3. Track & record stock movement & loses.

  • 4. Record for Public liability reasons.


Obligation Free Design & Quote

At Centron we offer a comprehensive range of surveillance system to suit your every need. All systems offered are designed with the end users exact needs & budget in mind. In all instances Centron would visit the site at no cost to offer a free design & quotation. When on site to do a quotation our trained technician would be able to determine what would be the best type of camera & what would be the best location to capture the images you as a client require. Once the camera type & locations are determined a Digital Video Recorder can then be selected that best suits the type of access & viewing you as the customer require. Hard drive sizes can also be determined based on the image quality & duration of archiving required.


Product Available

Centron will only supply products that are tried & tested from reputable manufacturers. All products come with a warranty & technical support.

Cameras are available in:

  • IR format Domes & Bullets (infrared for low light)

  • WDR Dome, Bullets & Full body. (Wide Dynamics for varying light levels)

  • True Day/Night for those poorly lit areas that need good imaging.

  • PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) that can scan & view selected areas via joysticks, DVR controls or remote software on a PC or phone.

  • Mini pin hole cameras for covert installations.

  • Vandal resistant cameras, housings & fittings for the problem areas.

Digital Video recorders are:

  • Available as 4, 8 or 16 input units & can be networked with multiple units.

  • Able to be viewed locally, on an internal IT network, remotely over an internet connection & on a 3G iPhone or android.

  • Able to be set up with independent frame rates for recording.

  • Programmable for Motion detection, Schedule & Continuous recording to maximize storage.

  • Designed to have multiple Hard Drives to tailor archiving/storage time.

  • Able to be set up for off site storage to maximize image archiving security.

  • Multiple user accounts that are password protected.

Today systems are manufactured all over the world & Centron have a wide selection to choose from:

Hikvision. AVTech. Secuguard. Unimo. Bosch. Pelco. LG. Stardot. Pacom. Fermvision. Sony. Samsung. Ness. Eye Protect. Just to name a few decent brands.


A Digital Video Recorder will allow you to automatically record images on a hard drive without using video tapes, you can then burn them to DVD/CD or view them remotely on a network.




System Installation

Installation of all systems is completed by licensed technicians that are employed directly by Centron. These technicians are trained by the manufacturers or their representative in the correct installation & set up procedures of all devices offered. Centron will not leave an installation with poorly installed & set up devices.


System Servicing

With all installations Centron offer a maintenance program that can be simply initiated by the end user, this will ensure that the system is functional when needed. If required Centron can offer a maintenance contract allowing the end user the peace of mind knowing all is working as required.

Specializing in


  • Comprehensive DIY kits for the handyman.

  • Fully installed domestic systems with remote access via 3G, iPhone & internet.

  • High rise residential installations to monitor Lifts, Lobbies & Car parks.

  • Small retail systems to allow shop owners to monitor Staff, Stock & customers on or off site.

  • Larger commercial installations that can have multiple systems networked for local & remote viewing.

  • Retail complexes with multiple systems integrated for remote viewing & off site recording.

  • Integrated wireless IP systems for larger spread out installations such as retirement villages, hospitals and shopping centres.