Make life easier, install a ducted vacuum system today. We can offer a range from DIY (do-it-yourself) kits right through to the professionally designed and installed. Remember it is the most effective way to remove dust from your home.

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How The System Works

Ducting pipes running from the power unit, are installed within the walls of your home to strategically located wall or floor mounted inlet points. You simply plug in a length of lightweight hose attached to various cleaning attachments into an inlet point and automatically the power unit switches on and you are ready to vacuum.


Easy To Install

We can offer a full range of systems that are either DIY or fully installed. There are numerous system sizes to suit all needs.

  • Compact, modern and fire retardant ABS plastics construction.

  • Cyclonic systems are bag less and simple to use, no ongoing bag replacement costs.

  • An inlet is on the machine for vacuuming the car.

  • Deluxe tools are standard throughout the range.

  • Powered by either a 2 or 3 stage high quality commercial motor.

  • Australian made with a 2 or 5 year warranty(depending on the model).