Don't open the door to a stranger!

With security becoming a major concern with most householders, it is comforting to know that you don’t have to open the door to an unknown person.

solution access control

Centron has a huge range of intercoms from a basic one to one - to a full master system with background music and radio, chimes and privacy. Centrons range of intercoms can suit any need & budget.

  • 1. One to one audio system for the home.

  • 2. One to one colour video systems for the home.

  • 3. Multiple domestic systems for high rise & community developments.

  • 4. Music intercoms with multiple room stations & video integration.

  • 5. Commercial & office situations where external communications are essential when buildings are secure.

All systems offered by Centron have excellent voice quality. Each is capable of releasing doors or gates.

All our systems have high voice quality. Each is capable of releasing doors and opening electric gates. Video intercoms allow you to see who is at the door.


  • Find out who is calling without opening the door and breeching security.

  • Monitor babies or sick children from the convenience of your own room.

  • Call the family to dinner without having to climb stairs, shout or run to the other end of the house.

  • Music intercoms allow you to listen to your favourite music throughout the house while still maintaining all your required intercommunication features.

  • Video intercoms are now priced so everybody can afford one, can you afford not to have that security.